Planning and execution of theme activities
  1. Spring Flower Letter Theme Activity: Design a Spring blossom Letter themed activity with the beautiful flowers of spring as the theme. You tin arrange scenes with floral elements in the lay in and play music related to flowers, so that customers can feel the hint of jump on in a comfortable environment. At the same time, Dangler related to the event can be discounted or launched with express variation styles to attract customers’ interest in purchasing.
  2. Hanafuda cultural experience activities: throw a Hanafuda cultural experience event and invite professional Hanafuda players or artists to provide guidance. Customers can learn how to fiddle the Hanafuda game, learn about the history and taste background of the Hanafuda, and make handicrafts related to the Hanafuda. Display art workings related to Hanafuda Earrings at events to stir up customers’ interest in Hanafuda culture and Hanafuda Earrings.

Hanafuda Earrings: Promotion of Hanafuda Earrings插图

Online and offline synergistic marketing
  1. Social media sweepstakes: Carry out sweepstakes through and through social media (such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to attract more fans’ tending and participation. Customers can share photos of themselves wearing Dangler on sociable media and use particular hashtags or keywords to enter the draw. Prizes in the sweepstakes can be Hanafuda Earrings gift cards or limited-edition styles to increase motivation and matter to in participating.
  2. Offline store interactive activities: typeset up synergistic areas in physical stores to provide try-on opportunities and photo walls. Customers put up try on Hanafuda Earrings and take photos in look of a specially designed photo wall. By sharing photos on social media and tagging the stores describe or exploitation particular hashtags, you can get certain offers or discounts. This can not only increase the undefined of the store, but also attract more potency customers to experience the store and step-up sales.


Cooperation and joint promotion
  1. Artist collaboration series: Invite well-known artists to collaborate with Dangler to plan a serial of express edition styles. Artists put up inject unique artistic elements into Hanafuda Earrings according to their have creative styles and concepts. Such cooperation tin not only attract the attention of fine art lovers, but also spread out the brand determine of Hanafuda Earrings.
  2. Florist Collaboration: married person with local florists to host floral displays and workshops. Florists put up create beautiful floral arrangements victimization flowers associated to Dangler, and provide live demonstrations and direction during the show. At the same time, special Hanafuda Earrings styles can be launched for customers to buy out and enjoy. Through collaboration with florists, flowers put up be nearly associated with Hanafuda Earrings, adding to the appeal and uniqueness of the product.


Organizing and participating in events
  1. Hanafuda Competition: Hold a Hanafuda Competition and invite Hanafuda enthusiasts and professional players to participate. Through and through the hosting of the event. More populate can understand and become familiar with the Dangler game. And increase awareness and interest in Hanafuda Earrings. At the same time. Hanafuda Earrings can be used as prizes in the competition to increase the passion and participation of participants.
  2. Hanafuda fine art Exhibition: organize a Hanafuda Art Exhibition to display art works related to Dangler. You can invite topical anesthetic artists and designers to create paintings, sculptures. Jewelry and other works based on the subject of Hanafuda. Through the holding of fine art exhibitions. Hanafuda Earrings put up be combined with art to add more appreciation undefined and aesthetic value to the products.


Through the planning and execution of subject activities, online and offline interactive marketing, cooperation and joint promotion. Events and gift giving. Hanafuda Earrings’ popularity and gross revenue tin be effectively increased. Not only can it attract more customers, but it put up also spread Hanafuda culture and enhance the stigmatize image. Making Dangler a popular product in the fashion jeweler industry.