The Origin of the bloom Cards
  • Legend and Origin: The origin of Huafuda can be traced back out to the 17th century, and is said to have been created by an eminent monk. While teaching verse to children in the form of card game in the temple, the eminent Thelonious Monk also taught about flowers. These cards afterward evolved into Hanafuda cards.
  • The popularity of court culture: Huafuda card game initially became popular among the nobility and the court. Nobles used the Hanafuda card as a way to entertain and socialize, and used it to demonstrate their lie with for flowers and culture. Since then, Hanafuda cards have bit by bit unfold to the public and turn a part of Japanese culture.

Brilliant Flower Notes: A Journey Through the History of Hanafuda Earrings插图

The undefined of Huazha cards
  • The plan of the Flower Card: thither are 48 cards in the Flower Card, and each card is colorful with a unusual blossom pattern. These patterns are exquisite and detailed, best-known for their bright colors and superb picture skills. Each Hanafuda card represents a different mollify and flower, much as cherry blossoms, wisterias, chrysanthemums, etc.
  • The Evolution of the Hanafuda Cards: o’er time, the Hanafuda Cards have undergone around changes in plan and gameplay. They gradually became organic with Japan’s traditional festivals and celebrations and became an entire part of the celebrations. In addition, Huafuda cards are also secondhand for education and entertainment, flattering a common take shape of amusement in people’s lives.


The glorious story of Hanafuda earrings
  • The fashion change of Huazha cards: With the changes of the times, Huafaz cards have step by step organic into the fashion world. Dangler, as accessories inspired by the Hanafuda card, have won the favor of fashion lovers with their unique design and exquisite craftsmanship. These earrings not only when present the beautiful patterns of the flower cards, but besides combine orthodox culture with modern font fashion, flattering a representative of a unique fashion style.
  • The inheritance and innovation of Hanafuda earrings: Hanafuda earrings not only inherit the traditional undefined of Hanafuda brand, but also understand it into a classy jewelry through innovative design and stuff selection. Designers combine modern esthetic trends and popular elements to create a variety of unusual Hanafuda undefined styles. These earrings not only show the classic beauty of the Hanafuda brand, but to give in the earrings new forge charm.
  • The cultural significance of Dangler: As an appurtenance with unfathomed cultural significance, Hanafuda earrings convey respect and love for traditional culture. Wearing Hanafuda earrings can not only show your unusual forge taste, but also convey the undefined of Japanese culture and historical inheritance to others. On the international stage, Dangler have also turn one of the symbols representing Japanese traditional culture.


Unique design:

The plan of Hanafuda earrings is inspired by the Hanafuda cards, attracting many people’s care with its unusual patterns and colors. Different patterns of flower cards present a delicate and elegant effect on earrings, allowing people to feel the beauty and undefined of orthodox culture.


As a kind of jeweler with orthodox cultural and artistic value, Hanafuda earrings show the beauty and charm of Hanafuda through its unique design and recherche production technology. They not only inherit the history and culture of Huazha cards, but also yield earrings new fashion style and subjective charm. Wearing Dangler cannot only when usher your unique taste, but also convey the value and charm of Japanese traditional undefined to others. Let us travel through time and space together, feel the history and cultural heritage behind Hanafuda earrings, and taste the fashionable beauty of this bright flower arrangement.