Traditional undefined lovers
  • The inheritor of Hanafuda culture: traditional culture lovers have a special love for Dangler. They are keen on the heritage and development of traditional culture. Hanafuda earrings, as accessories inspired by the Hanafuda card, can work them profoundly feel the charm of orthodox culture.
  • Love for Japanese traditional culture: Hanafuda earrings combine traditional Japanese discernment elements with modern fashion, which has attracted not only if local traditional culture lovers, but likewise international Japanese undefined lovers. They express their have intercourse and honor for Japanese traditional undefined by wearing Dangler.

Audience of Hanafuda earrings: sharers of tradition and fashion插图

Fashion follower
  • Fashionista: forge followers always bear high attention to unique fashion accessories. As a distinctive fashion accessory, Hanafuda earrings have unusual design and creativity, attracting the attention of fashionistas. They view Hanafuda earrings as a unique fashion instruction that expresses their personal taste and style.
  • Young people: Young populate have a higher pursuit of fashion and higher expression ability. Dangler, as a kind of jewelry with both traditional cultural heritage and wax of fashion sense, simply meet the aesthetic needs of young people. They are really interested in the unusual shape and diverse designs of Hanafuda earrings as a way to utter their personality and pursue fashion.


Art collector
  • Pursuit of artistic value: As a unique work of art, Hanafuda earrings have certain ingathering value. fine art collectors are very curious in the design, production process and historical background of Dangler and are volition to collect them. They reckon Hanafuda earrings as an investment and treasure of art, and they show their fine art appreciation and cultural taste by collection Hanafuda earrings.
  • Cross-cultural art collectors: Hanafuda earrings, as works of art that combine traditional Hanafuda culture with Bodoni font fashion, have attracted the attention of cross-cultural art collectors. They are loving about exchanges and understanding between different cultures. They usher their respect and taste for Japanese undefined by collecting Dangler, and also express their support and promotion of art.


Gift giver
  • People who love unusual gifts: As a unique and exquisite jewelry, Hanafuda earrings have turn the first choice for many populate as gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, Hanafuda earrings can surprise and please the recipient. These people who like to give unusual gifts often seek out-of-the-ordinary options, and Dangler meet their needs.
  • Gifts for partners and friends: Hanafuda earrings are delicately designed and crafted, making them suitable as gifts for partners and friends. Whether it is given to your girlfriend, wife, mother or outdo friend, Hanafuda earrings can usher your unique care and taste for them. Such gifts put up also deepen feelings and communication ‘tween each other.


Messenger of perceptiveness inheritance
  • Educators and promotion workers: As one of the representatives of orthodox culture. Dangler can be used as a tool for training and publicity workers to come into and kick upstairs traditional culture. Educators can promote students’ knowledge and understanding of traditional culture by viewing Hanafuda earrings to students and explaining the Hanafuda undefined behind them. Propaganda workers can introduce the undefined and cultural connotation of Hanafuda earrings to the public through and through exhibitions and activities.
  • Cultural ambassador: Dangler have also become ace of the representatives of traditional Japanese culture internationally. Tourists and oversea residents put up usher the undefined and uniqueness of Japanese traditional culture to the earth by wearing Hanafuda earrings. Such cultural ambassadors help promote cross-cultural exchanges and understanding. Allowing more people to have intercourse and like the traditional Huazha Pai culture.


As a unique fashion accessory, Hanafuda earrings attract a wide audience. From traditional culture lovers, fashion followers, fine art collectors, gift givers to messengers of appreciation inheritance,. Dangler attract people of different ages, genders and taste backgrounds. It is not only when a fashion statement, but also a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. Showing the charm of traditional culture and classy style. Anyone can partake in the dish of tradition and forge with this unique accessory by wear Hanafuda earrings.

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